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Can a car be equipped with fog lights? Is it a defect if you don’t install front fog lights?

Can a car be equipped with fog lights? Is it a defect if you don’t install front fog lights?


In some bad weather, the role of fog lights is very large. Whether the installation of fog lamps meets the standard without permission, and I don’t know whether it can pass the annual inspection. According to national regulations, fog lamps that meet national standards must be installed, and those who fail to install fog lamps in accordance with the regulations will not be allowed to enter the expressway.

Therefore, in general, the cars on sale are equipped with rear fog lights. However, in order to reduce costs, many brands have omitted the front fog lights on their low-end models. Ford Fordks 1.8 manual comfort version, Landwind Fenghua 2008 Standard type, Chery Cowin 1, Kia K2 1.4 manual GL and so on.


Does not install the front fog lamp count as a defect?

So is a car without front fog lights considered a defect? Are there any safety hazards when driving in rainy and foggy weather? According to the national standard GB-4785-2007 "Automobile and Trailer Lighting and External Lighting Signal Installation Regulations", the front fog lamp is "a lamp for improving road lighting under fog, snow, rain or dust", and no mandatory installation is required. , There are no mandatory regulations on front fog lamps in other relevant regulations. It can be seen that cars without front fog lights are not defective, otherwise they would not be approved for listing.


Can the car add fog lights by itself?

Many people want to install a pair after buying a new car without front fog lights. One is the coordination and appearance of the front face, and the other is peace of mind. At present, there are many types of front fog lights on the market. In order to make the car more individual, some owners from the original factory have also selected LED lights with strong light and different colors. In order to save money, instead of the installation standards for front fog lamps, GB-4785-2007 has express provisions, which require that the light emitted by the lamp does not directly or indirectly pass through the rearview mirror or other reflections of the vehicle to cause the driver to Discomfort; its direction is forward and the steering angle is not changed randomly, and the emitted light should not cause dazzling or discomfort to oncoming drivers and other road users.

The owner of a lighting shop in an automobile market said: “The standard fog lamps generally do not make the other driver feel uncomfortable because their position and direction of illumination are low, while inferior fog lamps may have the light upwards due to the scattered filaments, which affects other people’s Driving. In addition, fog lights with too much light can easily give the opponent a dazzling feeling."


It is understood that some car owners have suddenly been too casual when installing the circuit connection of the front fog lamp. Some people have installed the front fog lights without wiring, just for decoration; some people directly connect the fog lights with the headlights, so according to the regulations of GB-4785-2007, "the control switch of the front fog lights must be independent of the high beam Lights, low beams or any near beams", and then when installing front fog lights, you must figure out whether your model replaces the fog lights with independent circuits and switches; if not, you must make a special set. In addition, according to the feedback from car friends on the forum, some repair stations and even distant 4S shops may cut corners and connect the installed fog lamps directly to the headlights. Consumers are expected to be wary of this.

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