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Do You Know How To Reasonable Use Of Car Fog Light?

Do You Know How To Reasonable Use Of Car Fog Light?


It is important to use the lights in the car driving, it is important to improve driving safety; the use of the lighting is still much, many owners only know that the low-light lights, not much for the car fog light, always mix them to talk. Inappropriate use, both affecting the security of others, but also for yourself, how to use the car fog light, how to maintain it, come to understand!

What is a car fog light?

The car fog light is generally installed in the front and rear of the car, and the role of lighting road and safety warning during the rain mist. Improve the visibility of the driver and the surrounding traffic participants, so that the surrounding traffic participants is easier to find each other.

Use car fog lights in the case

Under harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow and heavy rain, or in a well-filled environment, in order to illuminate the front road, the front fog light illumination must be used. In foggy weather, the front and rear fog lamps are usually used together. When driving in the city night, don't use the fog light, the front fog light does not have a hood, which will make the light light, affect driving safety. Some drivers not only use the front fog light, they will be opened with the fog lights, because the fog light bulbs are large, they will give the car driver to the back of the car, which is easy to cause eye fatigue, affect driving safety.

Replacement and maintenance of fog light

Whether it is the front fog lamp or the fog, as long as it is not bright, it indicates that the bulb has been burned and must be replaced. But if it is not completely broken, it is only low brightness, and the light is red and dim, and it is absolutely can't fall, because this may be a priority of the fault, and the reduced lighting ability is also a major hidden danger for safe driving.

Reason for lower fog brightness

1, the most common is to accumulate dust on the astigmatic glass or mirror of the lamp, which is only used to clean the dirt or lens paper.

2, another reason is that the battery charging capacity is lowered, and the luminance is not enough, so that new batteries need to be replaced.

3. There is also a possibility that the line aging or wire is too thin, resulting in an increase in resistance, which affects the power of the lamp, but also affects the work of the lamp, but also causes the line to cause fire.

If the driver is usually maintenance car fog light well, it can play a lot of safety on safe driving.

Understanding the knowledge of the fog lamp, not only ensuring your own security, but also the protection of other traffic participants.

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