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Introduction To The Maintenance Methods Of Fog Lamps

Introduction To The Maintenance Methods Of Fog Lamps


         Do not use fog lights when driving without fog at night in the city. The front fog lights have no hood, which will make the lights of the car dazzling and affect the driving quietness. Some drivers not only use the front fog lights, but also turn on the rear fog lights. Due to the high power of the rear fog lamp bulb, it will create a dazzling light to the car driver on the back, which will easily cause eye fatigue and affect driving quietness.

   Whether it is a front fog lamp or a rear fog lamp, as long as it does not light up, it means that the bulb has burned out and must be replaced. But if it is not completely broken, it is just that the brightness is low, the lights are red and dim, and it must not be taken lightly, because this is probably a sign of hindrance, and the reduced lighting power is also a serious hidden danger of quiet driving.

  There are several reasons for the low brightness. The most common one is the accumulation of dust on the astigmatism glass or mirror of the lamp. At this time, all you need to do is to clean the dirt with a flannel or lens paper. Another reason is that the charging capacity of the battery has dropped, and the power is insufficient, which leads to insufficient brightness. If this is the case, a new battery needs to be replaced. Another kind is probably because the wire is aging or the wire is too thin, resulting in an increase in resistance, which affects the power supply. This environment not only affects the lamp, but also causes the wire to pass through heat and cause a fire alarm. Here are introduction to the maintenance methods of fog lamps

   Change the fog lamp

  1 Unscrew the screw and remove the bulb.

  2 Unscrew the four screws and take off the cover.

  3 Remove the socket spring.

  4 Replace the halogen bulb.

  5 Install the lamp holder spring.

  6 Install four screws and install the cover to light up.

  7 Tighten the screws.

   8 adjust the screw to the light.

   Fog lamp circuit installation

  1 As long as the local position light (small light) is turned on, the rear fog light will be turned on.

  2 The rear fog lamp should be enclosed independently.

  3 Rear fog lights can work continuously until the position lights are closed.

  4 The front and rear fog lamps can be connected in parallel to share the front fog lamp switch. At this time, the capacity of the fog lamp fuse should be increased, but the added value should not exceed 5A.

  5 For cars without front fog lights, the rear fog lights should be connected in parallel to the position lights, and a rear fog light switch should be set in series. The switch should be connected in series with a 3 to 5A fuse tube.

  6 After the setting is initiated, the fog lamp turns on and the indicator lights up.

       7 The rear fog lamp power cord from the rear fog lamp switch in the cab is routed along the original vehicle bus harness to the rear fog lamp installation position of the car, and is reliably connected to the rear fog lamp through a public car connector. The wire should be Use automobile public low-voltage cables with a wire diameter of ≥0.8mm, and cover the entire length of the wire with a polyvinyl chloride tube (plastic hose) with a diameter of 4-5mm.

high power fog lamp

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