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Necessity And Precautions Of Brightest Led Off Road Lights

Necessity And Precautions Of Brightest Led Off Road Lights


There are a lot of led off road lights on display in the modification shop. All this seems to indicate that without these lights, off-road vehicles will not be considered. It is true that an off-road vehicle that often travels far needs to be modified by lighting to improve its safety. If you drive an off-road vehicle that only uses the original car lights in the dark at night, it is running around in the sparsely populated Gobi or the desert, staggering in the dark. Rugged mountain roads, or crossing the jungle are unimaginable, even if driving on national highways, provincial highways or highways at night is not appropriate, not to mention that you may encounter severe weather such as thick fog, heavy rain, sand and dust. Therefore, it is very necessary to install led off road lights.

The necessity of installing led off road lights

In fact, it's very simple. First of all, there is little room for retrofitting the original car lights. At present, the original car lights are modified by various methods to increase the brightness, such as using brightening lines, increasing the wattage of the bulbs, and increasing the color temperature of the bulbs (change xenon lamps) , This method will often increase the load on the original vehicle line and increase the potential safety hazard;

Secondly, the original car lights are mostly to meet the needs of better-lit urban and suburban roads. If the original car lights are modified to increase the brightness, the use in the city will inevitably affect the sight of others, not only does not improve safety. On the contrary, it seriously affects the driving safety of others. This behavior is far worse than the frequent use of high beams in the city. For off-road vehicles, the additional auxiliary lights are controlled by independent circuits and independent switches, which are only turned on when needed, and do not affect the original vehicle circuit.

Precautions for installing led off road lights

In terms of lamps, a large bulb wattage will have an obvious lighting effect, and a high color temperature of the light will have a good visual effect but low penetration. Therefore, when choosing auxiliary lamps for off-road vehicles, you can consider high-power off-road lamps according to the purpose, but there is no need to pursue high color temperatures.

The installation process of led off road lights is relatively strict, and it is generally recommended to choose a relatively professional modification shop. At the same time, the owners themselves must carefully supervise the construction and be familiar with the wiring and switch positions. First of all, it is necessary to judge how many extra lamps can be loaded by the data provided by the vehicle generator, so as to avoid the situation of insufficient power supply from the generator, and reasonably select a combination of lamps with appropriate power.

1) Try to avoid using the same with the original car's lamp line. The lamp line must be laid separately, and it must be wrapped with a casing and fixed firmly;

2) Off-road lamps need to have separate insurance, if possible, pass through the fuse box of the original car, or set up a separate insurance, placed in a reliable and obvious location, the owner must know;

3) A relay must be installed before the switch to realize weak current control and strong current to ensure safety;

4) The off-road light switch is independent, try to avoid using it with the original car switch. In addition, if possible, connect the line to the original car light controller, so that all auxiliary lights are cut off when the car lock is closed.

To eliminate the hidden danger of excessive battery discharge caused by forgetting to turn off the light;

5) It is better to use plug connection between the lamp and the light wire, which can facilitate the maintenance and temporary removal of the lamp.

Choosing the most suitable and practical led off road lights for your beloved off-road vehicle seems to be an endless topic. The above is the introduction of DLAA on how to install led off road lights and the necessity of installing led off road lights.

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