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The Differences Between Fog Lights & Day Running Lights For Cars

The Differences Between Fog Lights & Day Running Lights For Cars


Fog lights

Fog lights are light signals used in foggy weather. Fog lights have stronger penetrating power in foggy weather, so it is easier for vehicles or pedestrians to notice early. Because the anti-fog lamp has high brightness and strong penetrating power, it will not cause diffuse reflection due to fog, so correct use can effectively prevent accidents. In foggy weather, the front and rear fog lamps are usually used together. When you encounter fog, rain, and snow, and your vision is unclear, you must turn on the front fog lights, even during the day.

Some drivers only use high beams in foggy weather, which is very dangerous. Therefore, the design of high beams is designed to illuminate a large area, which is easy to cause scattering in fog and cause scattered light clusters in front of the driver's eyes. Unclear ahead. On the contrary, some drivers think that the vision is not good at night and turn on the fog lights together with the headlights, and some drivers use the rear fog lights as position lights. This is not correct.

In fact, if it is not in foggy or sandy weather, the fog lights should not be turned on, and the rear fog lights should only be used when the visible distance is less than 50 meters. Because whether it is the driver of the oncoming vehicle or the driver of the following vehicle, the fog lights will look very dazzling.

Day running lights

Installed on the front of the vehicle body, that is to say, this lamp is not a light, not for the driver to see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming, it belongs to the category of signal lights. As soon as the car engine starts, the day running lights for cars will automatically turn on, and continue to increase their brightness to attract the attention of other motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians on the road. When night falls, after the driver manually turning on the low beam lights, the day running lights will be turned on automatically.

The greatest effect of day running lights for cars is not aesthetics. It is to provide the vehicle's recognizability, which can reduce 12.4% of vehicle accidents, and it can also reduce the probability of death in car accidents by 26.4%.

What is the difference between fog lights and day running lights for cars?

The day running lights are on the headlights, which are on during the day when driving; the fog lights are under the headlights and are independent lights, which are manually turned on and used in foggy days with visibility.

Can fog lights be used as day running lights?

The power required by fog lamps is relatively high. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to burn out the bulb, so it is not suitable to be used as a day running light for a long time. In addition, fog lights have strong penetrating power and the lights are too bright, which affects the vehicle in front and is likely to cause traffic accidents.

day running lights

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