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What Are The Advantages Of Best Led Off Road Lights?

What Are The Advantages Of Best Led Off Road Lights?


If you are someone who wants to travel at night, then regular headlights are not enough to meet your visual needs. Conventional car lighting is designed for normal flat roads, but the illuminance is not enough to cope with off-road performance. Therefore, we need led off road lights that can ensure safety and can save energy and reduce emissions.

Off-road vehicles need to walk in wetlands and swamps, long-term in an environment with large temperature differences, high humidity, and high amplitude. They often encounter severe weather with strong winds and waves. They have high requirements for the reliability and stability of lighting equipment, so led off road lights the replacement of the new generation has become increasingly important. As a manufacturer of professional lighting fixtures for vehicles, DLAA led off road lights have the following more obvious advantages:

1. High light efficiency and low power consumption, saving energy

The power of a single LED lamp is generally available in 0.5-10W or even larger watts. The cluster mode can meet different needs with very little waste. The LED is driven by DC, the light source has high luminous efficiency and low power consumption. Compared with the luminous intensity, the energy consumption is only 10% of incandescent lamps and 50% of fluorescent lamps. Using LED lighting can save a lot of lighting energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

2. Strong earthquake resistance and long service life

The LED is small in size, light in weight, and the outer shell is epoxy resin encapsulated. It is not afraid of seawater corrosion and has strong shock resistance. It can not only protect the internal chip, but also has the ability to transmit light and condense light. The design of dlaa fully meets the ultra-high performance requirements of off-road vehicles. The lamp is simpler and lighter, and the service life of the light source is generally between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

3. Green and environmental protection, high safety

DLAA led off road lights are all DC powered, safe and extra-low voltage, the whole series is 12-24V; the working current is only 1.9~3.8A, and the ultra-high brightness is only 5A.

LED does not contain harmful gases, lead, mercury and other heavy metals; it does not need to be inflated, and it does not have a glass cover. It has strong impact and earthquake resistance, so that it will not be broken when walking in harsh environments and is extremely safe.

4. High luminous efficiency, high efficiency of lamps and lanterns

The luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps and halogen lamps is 12-24lm/W, the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps is 50-80lm/w, and the luminous efficiency of sodium lamps is 70-90lm/W. Most of the power consumption becomes heat loss. The dlaa's off-road vehicle lighting effect can be improved after being improved, and the light has good monochromaticity, narrow spectrum, and can directly emit colored visible light without filtering.

5. No noise, no radiation

The off-road lamp has human nature design, no noise, and it is easier for off-road enthusiasts to improve their attention during the journey. It can also be cared for when you are tired and tired. The traditional lamp uses AC power, so it will produce 100~120Hz strobe. dlaa's LED lamps are powered by DC, so there is no stroboscopic phenomenon, and the radiation is very low.

6. Rich colors, increase comfort for tourists and off-road enthusiasts

Light with different color temperatures will give people a different feeling. The color temperature is below 3300K, and the light color is reddish to give people a warm feeling; when the color temperature is 3000-6000K, there is a refreshing feeling. The color temperature of dlaa off-road vehicle light is close to the sun, and the light has daytime comfort at night, which can provide a very good lighting environment and rich lighting colors for off-road vehicles.

DLAA's LED off road lights series is based on multiple disciplines, from optics, electricity, structure, heat dissipation, protection, control and other fields, energy-saving effects are very obvious.

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