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What Are The Complete Sets Of Car Tail Back Light?

What Are The Complete Sets Of Car Tail Back Light?


Cars are our usual means of transportation! Cars For now, most every family will have a car. Because the car is indeed very convenient, you can drive wherever you want. It’s more convenient than taking the train by high-speed rail or something, and you can also drive the car to where you want to go. Today DLAA want to introduce to you the complete set of car tail light.

1. Brake car tail light

There are two types of brake lights: left and right brake lights (two) and high-position brake lights (one)

a. The left and right brake lights are an important part of the rear lights, one left and one right are distributed in the rear lights on both sides. It is red, and red has the meaning of warning.

The brake light is to remind the vehicle behind to slow down or stop, and the vehicle behind can be prepared in advance. Current brake lights are generally fog lights, which can penetrate thick fog. LED lights are also used as brake lights.

b. High-position brake lights are generally installed on the upper part of the rear of the car. The function of the high-position brake light is to warn the vehicles driving behind, so as to avoid rear-end collisions. Vehicles without high-position brake lights, especially low-chassis cars and mini-cars, usually have insufficient brightness due to the low position of the rear brake lights when braking. Vehicles that follow behind, especially trucks and buses with high chassis sometimes it’s hard to see clearly with the bus driver. Therefore, the hidden danger of rear-end collision is relatively large.

2. Reversing car tail light

The reversing light is automatically turned on when the driver puts on the reverse gear. It is transparent and mainly serves as a reminder and an illumination in the dark.

3. Reflective car tail light/bar

In the rear lights of the car, it plays a reflective role. When the car behind is illuminated, no matter which direction it is coming from, it can return along the original road, illuminating it in the eyes of the driver behind, acting as a reminder.

4, the rear turn signal car tail light

The color of the rear turn signal is amber. In the rear light of the car, this light flashes to inform others that the car is turning.

1. It has sufficient luminous intensity, so that the car taillight can clearly distinguish the signal for drivers or pedestrians of other vehicles even in bright sunlight.

2. When driving at night, the light from the taillights will not cause glare and uncomfortable feeling to the drivers or pedestrians of other vehicles.

After reading the introduction of DLAA, do you have a certain understanding of the problem of car back light? DLAA thinks that everyone still needs to know some knowledge about car back light, which is still very helpful for us. Finally, I hope that the content introduced by dlaa today can help everyone.

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