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What Are The Effects Of Led Daytime Running Lamps?

What Are The Effects Of Led Daytime Running Lamps?


The brightness of the day is enough to let the driver see the front of the vehicle or even the object in front of the vehicle, why do you want to open the light? In fact, in the cloudy, dust weather, especially the smog weather, the driver is not able to observe the distant objects, this time you need a vehicle identifier, tell the location of the location of this car. Although the red brake light is more eye-catching, it does not mark the front of the vehicle, and the role of the brake light is mainly marking the vehicle brakes, and the information conveyed is wrong.

Led daytime running lamps is then born, its role is not lighting, but in order to make the front and pair of vehicles noticed where you drive the vehicle. It is possible to meet the vehicle identification effect when the daylight is not good during the day. Many people in real life will simply think that the daytime running lamps is decorative use, and it is not true. The daytime running lamps is different from the ordinary low-light lamp, which does not need to be road lighting, but designed for daytime driving lighting.

Workflow of led daytime running lamps

Since it is used to identify the vehicle, the current vehicle is usually automatically opened when starting, and cannot be turned off manually, and after the night headlight is opened, the daytime running lamps will turn off or lower the brightness.

The daytime running lamps is not used to illuminate, many drivers like to open the daylight light in the night, do not open the headlights, actually the brightness of the driving lights in the day is far from the vehicle headlights, completely Unable to use as lighting.

Nothing to pay attention to the light use

Our country's traffic safety law has not yet enforced lightning on the day. However, for the led daytime running lamps type, it should pay attention to the use of lights when driving, it is recommended to reveal the wide light or Lowlight, friends who don't get used to open the larves at least one showing a wide lamp is necessary.

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