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What Are The Types And Introductions Of Led Car Signal Lights?

What Are The Types And Introductions Of Led Car Signal Lights?


The led car signal lights can make the pedestrian vehicle on the road to clear the signal on the road, so the light bulb parameters of the car signal light, the intensity of the light beam, the light beam, and the light-emitting area, the bright color, and the like are important.

If the led car signal lights is used at night, such as a parking light or a width lamp, the light intensity is generally with dozens of candelas. If it is a light to use, such as turning lights, brake lights, etc. the intensity of these light is to be above hundreds of candelas. Many owners think that night driving is going to open a driving light. In fact, driving can also drive the lamp. If the lighting light is on the opening day, it can reduce the probability of the accident.

In order to make such signals do not produce glare at night, except for maximum luminous intensity, some lights use daily and nights two modes, It is also necessary to consider matching between the light-emitting area and the specified luminescence intensity to prevent the brightness of excessive growth. Most of the light beam diffusion angles of the light beam is not less than 20 degrees; and the horizontal direction is not less than 40 degrees.

Type of led car signal lights

1 position light:  Installed in front of the car and the rear, indicating the existence and body width of the drive.

2 brake light: Installed in the rear, indicating that the drive is slow or parking.

3 Turn to the led signal light: Installing the front, rear and sides, indicating the car steering.

4 after the fog lamp: Installed in the rear, used to improve the harsh weather conditions such as fog, snow, see the situation.

5 layout lamp: Installed in front and rear, logo car outline.

6 parking lights: Installing the existence of the car is mounted on the side.

led car signal lights

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